Hidden pages in Anne Frank’s diary: corny jokes and sex ed



Hidden pages in Anne Frank’s diary: corny jokes and sex ed

Toby Sterling – May 15, 2018
FILE PHOTO: Reflections of tourists and canal houses are seen in the window of the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam
© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Reflections of tourists and canal houses are seen in the window of the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Anne Frank once taped over two pages in her diary with brown sticky paper, leaving a small puzzle as to what material the Jewish teenager, who had no idea of how famous her diary would later become, wanted to exclude.

Now Dutch researchers have revealed the answer: corny jokes and a summary of her ideas about sex education when she was aged just 13.

“Anybody who reads the passages that have now been discovered will be unable to suppress a smile,” said Frank van Vree, director of the Netherlands’ Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

He said the jokes “make it clear that Anne, with all her gifts, was above all also an ordinary girl.”

Frank and her family hid in a cramped secret annex above a canal-side warehouse from July 1942 to August 1944, along with four other Jews. They were betrayed and arrested by the Nazis in August 1944.

The pages, dated to Sept. 28, 1942, were contained in the red-and-white checkered diary Anne had received for her birthday in June of that year, shortly before they went into hiding.

One joke involves a man who fears his wife is cheating on him. After searching the house, he finds a naked man in the closet.

When the husband asks the naked man what he’s doing there, Anne wrote, the naked man answers: “Believe it or not, I’m waiting for the tram.”

The Anne Frank House photographed the pages with a high- resolution camera and a light shining on them during a regular check on the diary’s condition in 2016. Later, researchers realized the underlying text was partly visible and modern software could probably decipher it.

Anne Frank House director Ronald Leopold said the pages were not really scandalous or surprising, as Frank openly discusses her sexual maturation elsewhere in the diary.

“The only element that might be interesting from the point of view about her development as a writer and as a teenager is the fact that she’s creating, kind of, fiction,” he said.

In addition to the jokes, Anne summarizes what a period is, describes the mechanics of sex in couched terms, and relays what she has heard of prostitution.

“I sometimes imagine that someone would come to me and ask me to inform him about sexual subjects, how would I do that?” she wrote. “Here’s the answer…”

Anne frequently edited and re-wrote her diary entries during the long months in hiding, especially in 1944 after the Dutch prime minister in exile asked in a radio broadcast that people keep records about life during the occupation.

But exactly when and exactly why Anne blocked out the pages will likely never be known.

“She was probably afraid that other people she was hiding with, either her father, her mother or the other family would discover her diary and would read these things,” Leopold said.

Anne died at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945, aged 15.

Her father Otto was the only member of the family to survive the war. He recovered her diary and had it published two years later. It is now considered one of the most important documents to have emerged from the Holocaust and has been read by millions of people and translated into 60 languages.

Thief rides off into the sunset with artwork headed to Western Heritage Classic



Thief rides off into the sunset with artwork headed to Western Heritage Classic

Jamie Burch – May 14th 2018

Abilene police are looking for a thief who rode off into the sunset with several pieces of western art worth more than $11,000.

Willie Harris and his wife were in town last weekend for the Western Heritage Classic.

Harris handmakes miniature versions of chuck wagons and stagecoaches.



Between 11:30 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday, someone broke into his trailer. It was parked outside the Holiday Inn on West Lake Road, where they were staying for the night.

Harris said the thief broke the lock and took a miniature chuckwagon, two miniature Wells Fargo stagecoaches, and three miniature saddles.

The chuckwagons and coaches are 42-inches long and 10-inches wide. They’re designed to look like a scene from the wild west and all the moving pieces work like the wheels, doors and handbrakes. Each one takes about three months to complete.


Harris said the thief is lucky that he did not hear the break-in or he would have handed out his own version of justice.

“I wouldn’t have shot em,” said Harris. “I would’ve killed them on the spot. They lucked out.”

Former Egyptian Museum official to be prosecuted for theft



Former Egyptian Museum official to be prosecuted for theft

Mustafa Marie – May. 15, 2018


Sarcophaguses on display in Egyptian museum in Turin


Cairo – 15 May 2018: The Administrative Prosecution ordered the prosecution of the former head of the fifth department of the Egyptian Museum in the High Council of Antiques for allegations of theft of an antique.

The administrative prosecutors received a tip from the legal department in the High Council of Antiques that an ancient item weighing 22 grams of pure gold had been reported missing, after being portrayed in the hall No. 44 located on the ground floor of the Egyptian Museum.

Investigators charged the former official, who claimed her innocence and informed police that the item may have been lost during the chaos and political turmoil that the country witnessed in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution.

The item is still missing, but the Egyptian police are widely exerting their efforts to locate it.

The Egyptian police and prosecutors stressed the importance of properly handling precious antiques from Egypt’s ancient civilization because they are not just a great part of Egyptian history, but humanity as a whole.