Former Egyptian Museum official to be prosecuted for theft


Former Egyptian Museum official to be prosecuted for theft

Mustafa Marie – May. 15, 2018


Sarcophaguses on display in Egyptian museum in Turin


Cairo – 15 May 2018: The Administrative Prosecution ordered the prosecution of the former head of the fifth department of the Egyptian Museum in the High Council of Antiques for allegations of theft of an antique.

The administrative prosecutors received a tip from the legal department in the High Council of Antiques that an ancient item weighing 22 grams of pure gold had been reported missing, after being portrayed in the hall No. 44 located on the ground floor of the Egyptian Museum.

Investigators charged the former official, who claimed her innocence and informed police that the item may have been lost during the chaos and political turmoil that the country witnessed in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution.

The item is still missing, but the Egyptian police are widely exerting their efforts to locate it.

The Egyptian police and prosecutors stressed the importance of properly handling precious antiques from Egypt’s ancient civilization because they are not just a great part of Egyptian history, but humanity as a whole.

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