Wallingford community comes together to help cleanup historic site

Wallingford community comes together to help cleanup historic site


Wallingford community comes together to help clean up historic site

WALLINGFORD — Community members all around the state are coming together to help each other clean up from Tuesday’s storm damage. On Sunday Wallingford community members came out to help clean up a historic site.

“The Cheshire, Wallingford Hamden area got especially hard hit as you know they designated some as tornado (damage),” Cheshire resident Richard Straub said.

The Silver Museum sits on South main street. I was built by Franklin Johnson in 1866, making it one of the oldest in town.

Jerry Farrell “Just devastated luckily the house was still fine but the backyard which we use a lot for events and historic demonstrations was just filled with disheveled trees,” Wallingford Preservation Trust President Jerry Farrell said.

Farrell put out the call for help to clean up the debris and more than a dozen people came ready to lend a hand.

“We live in this town and we love this town so many areas, just even our town alone let alone the whole state was just devastated, we got really lucky,” volunteer Marty Mansfield said.

Museum board members say luckily the damage to the building was minor but times like this show just how important neighbors helping neighbors can be.

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